Jettime a/s currently has no flights, and it is therefore not possible to reserve seats on board the aircraft or purchase additional services for the flight.

Bankruptcy estate after Jet Time A/S


Jet Time A/S was on July 21, 2020 declared bankrupt apps auf smart tv downloaden. If you have a claim against the bankruptcy estate, you can find more information here.

Traveling with children?


Jettime gives little travelers great attention, and we are also happy to advice you about traveling with children mediathek herunterladen und speichern.

Covid-19 information


Close up of a COVID-19 text tag on paper

See how Jettime responds to the Covid-19 corona virus outbreak

Hand baggage?



How much hand baggage can I carry on the flight and what should the dimensions of the bag be mails download mac?

Jettime Offers:

> Jobs


We are always looking for talented people to join our different employee groups in Jettime.

> Charter Flights


Jettime offers contract flight for charter businesses and other companies with group transportation needs.



Jettime offers Wet Lease with our Boeing 737 aircraft on both short and long-termed contracts.

> Rent a Plane


Jettime leases aircraft on ad hoc basis to companies and organizations to destinations in Europe.