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Cabin Crew in Jettime photoshop cs6 free download full version?

In Jettime, we are on a regular basis looking for qualified employees for our cabins on Boeing 737. 

We are looking for employees who can handle many different types of tasks, and who most importantly of all enjoy giving a service beyond compare to our many guests on our flights free household book to download.
Below, you can read more about what life as Cabin Crew in Jettime entails.

As Cabin Crew in Jettime, you also have the chance to be trained and promoted to Cabin Chief, which to many is an exciting opportunity with managerial responsibility Download classical music for free. In addition to this, there are several career opportunities on the ground with a number of different administrative and operational functions.

As Cabin Crew, you work after a work schedule, and you in that way always know when you will be flying and when you will be home music cloud musik herunterladen. Flight crew work man our aircraft all days of the week and year – 24 hours a day, just as you will regularly have overnight stays on hotels on one of our destinations or by one of our bases storio max spiele herunterladen.

As a person, we expect you to:

• Be service minded, flexible and enduring
• Have a positive mindset and a high energy level
• Be enterprising and extrovert
• Have a sense of perspective and situation
• Be cooperative and independent


There are also a number of legal requirements that you must meet:

• A generally good health, physically as well as mentally
• A height between 165 and 190 centimeters
• Valid EU passport
• Ability to swim minimum 200 meters
• No criminal record


We additionally expect you to:

• Speak minimum one Scandinavian language fluently as well as understand the other Scandinavian languages orally/in writing
• Have good qualifications in English as third language
• Have a finished high school education or equivalent
• Have minimum two years’ experience from the service industry – preferably as guide, nurse or healthcare assistant or from the hotel, restaurant or travel industry herunterladen.
• No visible tattoos or piercings when carrying uniform.


What about the Cabin Crew training?

Jettime a/s provides you with training, which takes place in Copenhagen Airport lieder legalen. The training is free, but you must pay for your own board and lodging. The training is unpaid and takes approximately four weeks. The training ends with an exam that you must pass to be employed in Jettime skype for business kostenloser.

• The training will among other things include:
• Emergency training
• Technical aircraft proficiency
• First Aid
• Passenger Service
• Service and sales training


Available positions will appear on Jettime's website pdf datei herunterladen iphone. You can also apply unsolicited within Jet Time's different areas of work.

We look forward to receiving your application!

> See available positions or apply unsolicited here...