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Pilot in Jet Time

In Jet Time, we are on a regular basis looking for qualified  Boeing 737 pilots – Captains as well as First Officers.

In Jet Time, you have good career options. You can for example be promoted to Captain or become instructor. In addition to this, there are further career options on ground in our administration and training departments.

Additionally, Jet Time offers an extensive retention program, including for example a high start wage for First Officers, instructor supplement, lucrative pension scheme and health insurance. In Jet Time we moreover emphasize the importance of a healthy work-life-balance. We therefore have a stable 5-3-5-4 scheduling system - with five days of work, three days off, five days of work, four days off).

In Jet Time, you will in other words have an exciting job in the air – combined with family and personal life on the ground.

Please note that you as applicant must be able to meet the following criteria:

• A valid EASA-FCL license
• A valid EU passport
• Work permit and residence permit in the EU
• Preferably be able to speak one Scandinavian language
• Certificate must be Scandinavian – or must be convertible to a Scandinavian certificate.

Available positions will appear on Jet Time's website. You can also apply unsolicited within Jet Time's different areas of work.

We look forward to receiving your application!

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