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Air Traffic gives us the chance to see the world and experience new places and cultures free music legal free of charge. But when we travel by air, we also impact the climate with C02 emissions and travel related waste.

In Jet Time, we acknowledge the environmental challenges of the airline industry, and as airline, we take our environmental impact and responsibility seriously herunterladen.

As Charter carrier, Jet Time has one of the highest load factors in the industry with approximately 95% of our seats filled on our charter flights from Denmark, Sweden and Finland – but that does not mean that we can do more to make flying with Jet Time greener youtube on pc.

In Jet Time, we therefore strive to continually reduce our impact on climate and environment as well to take social responsibility. We have therefore committed to reduce our environmental impact as well as to take care of passengers, employees and everyone else involved in Jet Time’s production and value chain with a number of targets we must reach by 2025 package leaflet.


As part of our commitments, we will:

  • Reduce C02 emissions on Jet Time flights by minimum 15 % from 2015-2025 (per herunterladen. passenger seat kilometer)
  • Reduce single-use plastic consumption on board Jet Time flights by minimum 50 % from 2020-2025
  • Utilize biofuel as alternative to fossil fuel to the extent feasible
  • Work actively to minimize and mitigate non-biodegradable waste recording device.
  • Differentiate waste handling to the extent feasible.
  • Ensure health and safety for people throughout our value chain mit ipad musik von youtube downloaden.
  • Be ambassadors of positive change towards sustainable aviation.

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