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> Baggage

If you have baggage included in your ticket, the total baggage weight inclusive hand baggage is 20 kg. Maximum weight for carry on baggage is 5 kg. Buy extra baggage weight before departure and save a lot of money!


Do you need additional weight for your checked baggage?

Your ticket will show if you have checked in baggage included in your price. If no checked baggage is included, it can be bought by contacting your travel agency.

On most flights, you can purchase an additional weight allowance for you checked baggage. It is cheaper to purchase your additional weight from home, rather than at the airport.





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How much is allowed?

  • If you have checked baggage included on your ticket,  the total baggage weight, carry-on baggage included, is 20 kg. The maximum weight for hand baggage is 5 kg. If you have i.e. 3 kg hand baggage, check in baggage is maximum 17 kg.
  • If you are traveling on same booking number and checking in together, you can pool your baggage. However, checked in baggage must be included on your ticket or paid for to the travel agency. Due to airport restrictions , the maximum weight for one baggage is 32 kg.
  • Children under 2 years can have up to 5 kg hand baggage.

Bringing special baggage?

  • It is not possible to take special baggage instead of ordinary holiday baggage as part of your baggage allowance. If you want to bring special baggage like golf bag or diving equipment with you, you need to book them as special baggage.
  • Travelers who wants to bring special baggage like bikes and sporting equipment can – to a limited degree – book space in the cargo hold via Jet Time.
  • Various electronic products which do not belong under ordinary holiday baggage or the mentioned categories of special baggage, will not be allowed on Jet Time flights. If any questions regarding the definition of ordinary holiday baggage, please contact Jet Time Passenger Service.

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Please note that there may be special rules regarding baggage on journeys where the outbound and homebound trips are not on the same ticket. Please check with your travel agent.