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> Baggage protection

We recommend that you rent a bag to protect any special baggage you may wish to take on the flight, as such items can get damaged in flight and during baggage handling.

Jet Time has a special agreement with Airshells, which gives you 5 % discount of the protective bag’s rent.

Airshells bags can be booked well in advance of departure, and can be picked up at all Scandinavian airports. For descriptions, prices and terms of rental, please see Airshells home pages. The reservation is also done at that site.

Jet Time does not replace any damaged special baggage that has not been packed in a protective bag from Airshells. If you want to use your own protective bag, please contact Jet Time Passenger Service for approval.

The expection to this rule are golf bags as Airshells bags can’t be used with them. Therefore use your own gold bag if you are travelling with golf bags.

It is important to follow the packing instructions on the protective bag carefully. Please also note that you are not allowed to pack anything except special luggage in such bags.


> Order your protective bag from Airshells homepage here…Airshells

Use voucher code: JTG17PL