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> Damaged baggage

At Jettime we do our best, but unfortunately it is unavoidable that, from time to time, checked baggage becomes marked, scratched or damaged during baggage handling on the way to and from our aircraft at the many airports around the world amboss kreuzen herunterladen.

Reporting of damaged baggage
If your checked baggage is damaged on collection at the arrival airport, you must immediately – before going through customs – contact Jettime's handling agent who is responsible for baggage handling after landing, to complete a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) herunterladen. You are to at the latest 7 days after the damage or loss, contact Jettime with your PIR rapport no.

Since some airports have more than one arrival service, it is important to approach the correct counter ein video bei facebook herunterladen. Please look for signs with Jettimes logo and name appears.

Please note that if you have collected your baggage and left the arrivals hall without reporting the damage to our handling agent and without completing a Property Irregularity Report (PIR), the baggage will be deemed to have been returned to you in good condition, in accordance with the transport agreement herunterladen.