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> Damaged baggage

At Jet Time we do our best, but unfortunately it is unavoidable that, from time to time, checked baggage becomes marked, scratched or damaged during baggage handling on the way to and from our aircraft at the many airports around the world.


Reporting of damaged baggage
If your checked baggage is damaged on collection at the arrival airport, you must immediately – before going through customs – contact Jet Time's handling agent that is responsible for baggage handling after landing, to complete a Property Irregularity Report (PIR).

Please note that if you have collected your baggage and left the arrivals hall without reporting the damage to our handling agent and without completing a Property Irregularity Report (PIR), the baggage will be deemed to have been returned to you in good condition, in accordance with the transport agreement.

Compensation for damaged baggage

Jet Time’s liability is under Montreal Convention limited. Therefore, we recommend that you contact your own insurance company and enquire about the possibility of compensation for damaged luggage.

Under the Montreal Convention article 31, paragraph 2,  if you wish to submit a damage claim, you should complain to the carrier within seven days from the damage occured. To make a compensation claim to Jet Time, please complete the Compensation claim form and send it to Jet Time at bagage@jet-time.dk no later than seven days after the damage occured. It is important to add the number of your Property Irregularity Report (PIR) to the compensation claim form.

If you wish to submit a claim to Jet Time, please note that Jet Time's liability is subject to the condition that you can document that a report was made in due time and that the damage occurred while the baggage was being handled by Jet Time. You must also be able to also document your purchase, including the date and price, of the damaged baggage.

When the compensation amount is set, deductions will be made for age and any lacking receipt for the purchase.

You are responsible for ensuring that your baggage is suitable for air transport.

Jet Time does not grant any compensation for damage that is due to errors and defects relating to the nature of the baggage, or for damage due to over-packed baggage, cosmetic and/or superficial damage as a consequence of wear and tear during transport – including minor scratches, cracks, dents, stains/dirt, damage to wheels, handles, supporting feet, pull-up handles/straps, attached locks and zipper tabs, or damage related to broken locks. For security reasons your baggage may be examined without your presence/knowledge – if necessary by breaking the lock.

Jet Time does not cover any type of damage to baggage or effects that may not be carried on the flight, and/or that may not be contained in the checked baggage. Damage to particularly valuable, particularly important or fragile effects, such as bottles, cameras, jewellery, electronic devices, securities or other valuables, will thus not be covered.

Particularly fragile baggage such as, but not limited to, sports equipment, bicycles, prams and pushchairs, which have not been packed in Airshells or equivalent protection/hard packaging approved for air transport, will only be accepted at your own risk.

If Jet Time is liable for damage, it will always be sought to repair the damaged baggage, as far as possible. Jet Time collaborates with suitcase companies that can undertake repair of most suitcase brands.

Damage to unchecked baggage/hand baggage, including personal effects, is not covered unless you can prove that the damage is due to negligence/errors by Jet Time.

> See also Jet Time's Terms and Conditions for the Transport of Passengers and Baggage here...