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> Delayed Baggage


Jet Time's handling agents do their best to prevent delayed baggage. Unfortunately, this cannot always be avoided, and we deeply regret any baggage delay and the inconvenience that it may cause you.

Reporting delayed baggage
If your suitcase or other checked baggage does not arrive with you at your destination, you must immediately – before you go through customs – contact Jet Time's handling agent that is responsible for handling baggage after your plane has landed.

Please note that on several airports there are more than one handling agent. Please look for a counter with Jet Time's name and logo, as it is important you contact the correct company,

You will be required to complete a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) as documentation that the delay has been reported. Please make sure that you write the same name and address on the PIR as appear on the baggage's name tag. Please also remember to state how we can contact you at your destination – either a phone number or e-mail.

Baggage search
A search for your baggage will commence immediately after your report is made at the airport and is based on the Property Irregularity Report (PIR) that you completed at the airport, with details of the baggage receipt number and your own information concerning the name tag and other characteristics.

It is vital to searching for/locating the baggage that both the bagage tag number and the name and address on the baggage correspond to the information given on the report, and that you assist by providing as many details/special characteristics as possible concerning the baggage – including its content.

The first five days of the search are undertaken by Jet Time's handling agent at the arrival airport. You should therefore contact this airport if you have any questions or supplementary information during this period.

If the baggage has not been found after five days, the search will be taken over by Jet Time's Passenger Service.

You will be contacted concerning delivery once the baggage has been located and has arrived at the airport.