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Jettime a/s currently has no flights, and it is therefore not possible to reserve seats on board the aircraft or purchase additional services for the flight whatsapp all pictures.

> Hand baggage


Passengers are allowed to have one (1) piece of hand baggage per passenger on a Jettime flight books for free without registration.

Maximum weight and dimensions
Max 5 kgs55 x 40 x 20 cm

Following items must always be carried in your hand baggage:

  • Medicine that you cannot do without abk stuttgart.
  • Electronic cigarettes. However, it is strictly forbidden to use them onboard, and you have to separate the battery from the rest of the device due to risk of self-ignition programm zum herunterladen von videos.
  • Money and other valuable papers.
  • Jewelry, glasses, sunglasses, contact lenses, objects made of gold, silver or platinum as well as pearls and precious stones raspberry pi.
  • Watches.
  • Computers, tablets, mobile phones, power banks, keys, camera and camera equipment, etc.
  • Bottles and other fragile items traffic rider kostenlos herunterladen.
  • Food (always check the destination country’s regulations regarding allowing food to be brought into the country).
  • Matches and lighters (no more than one per passenger) must be kept on your person.

All electronic devices must be switched off when placed in your hand luggage under the seat or in the overhead compartment.