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> Before the flight

Book your seat and check in online before the departure windows migrationsassistent herunterladen. Easy and convenient!



Plan your trip and get the best start to your holiday timelineen.

Book a seat on the plane and decide for yourself where you want to sit. If you know you need to carry a lot of luggage, there is money to be saved on buying extra luggage weight before departure herunterladen.
Get more information in the menu before the trip. We look forward to welcoming you on board Jettime.

Protective equipment

Its no longer a requirement to where facial mask on board Jettime's aircraft nor in the  Danish / Swedish airports.
Be aware that some airports outside Denmark & Sweden still require the use of facial mask.
Information is available on the websites of the individual airports.

Entry Rules.

It is at all times the guests' own responsibility to have all valid travel documents, such as passports, visas, Coronapas and other necessary entry documents, in order.
Below you will find information retrieved on the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs' / UM´'s website.
If you do not find your destination here, it is because it has removed all Covid 19 restrictions in the country in question.

Please Note that on Cyprus and in Spain have new restrictions as of 15 July you have to ware facial mask inside hotels, airports and restaurants.


Egypt - Entry rules and form here

Portugal entry  rules  here

The Azoreans entry rules here



In addition, always remember to keep up to date onthe Ministry of Foreign Affairs' website for the country in question.