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Jettime a/s currently has no flights, and it is therefore not possible to reserve seats on board the aircraft or purchase additional services for the flight randen en kaders downloaden gratis.

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> Check-in at Airport

In Billund and Helsinki, you can also check-in by using the self-service machines at the airport herunterladen.

Normally, check-in opens 2 hours before departure and closes 30 minutes before departure. There are exceptions in the case of some flights (such as flights to skiing destinations), which close earlier eso for free. Please check the exact check-in times on your ticket.

Jettime recommends that you arrive in time to pass through the security check (after check-in) no later than 30 minutes before departure, as it is the passenger's responsibility to arrive on time for boarding at the gate epaper automatisch downloaden. If you arrive too late at check in, staff can be forced to refuse to check you in and refuse you permission to board the plane.

See information boards at the airport for details about where to check in amazon prime downloaden.

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Check-in using self-service machines
In Billund and Helsinki, you can check-in by using the self-service machines wget alle dateien herunterladen. Self-service opens for check-in 2 hours before departure and closes 30 minutes before departure, as with regular check-in.

Unfortunanetly it is not currently possible to use self-service machines in Copenhagen due to technical issues md5 herunterladen.

Please remember that all travelers must print a boarding card when using self-service check-in.

Remember to book your seats before
It is not possible to select seats when checking in at the airport.

> Book your favorite seat three days before the departure here...

Find your self-service machine: