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> Check-in at Airport

From Denmark, you can also check-in by using the self-service machines at the airport randen en kaders downloaden gratis.

Check-in at the airport starts 2 1/2 hours before departure, and closes 45 minutes before departure. If you show up later, you can not check in herunterladen. Certain flights, e.g. ski flights, closes earlier. See travel document for exact check-in times.
Jettime recommends that you show up 2 1/2 hours before departure, as there may be waiting time both at check-in and at security herunterladen.

Please see for further information, on how the self-service machines are used, and how to put your baggage tag on correctly -  See


Check-in self-service machines

At Copenhagen Airport, there are check-in machines where you can check yourself and your luggage in kontakte vom iphone herunterladen.
When you check in using the machines, you must enter the number of your ticket, order number / booking number / reservation number. Then you will have your boarding pass and bag tags printed out herunterladen.
You must put the luggage tag on your luggage yourself, after which it must be handed in in the designated area in Terminal 2 next to 7eleven eso for free.


COVID-19 rules - 

Before you fly with Jettime, you should stay informed about the Covid-19 rules that apply to your country of departure as well as the country you are traveling to epaper automatisch downloaden. The rules vary from country to country and change constantly. If in doubt, contact your tour operator. The entry requirements for the individual destinations and countries vary and the latest information can be found on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' website amazon prime downloaden.

If you do not comply with the rules set by the local authorities at the time of travel, you may be refused to complete your flight and will not be compensated for this wget alle dateien herunterladen.

Please remember that all travelers must print a boarding card when using self-service check-in.

Remember to book your seats before
It is not possible to select seats when checking in at the airport md5 herunterladen.

> Book your favorite seat three days before the departure here...

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