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> Passport and Visa regulations


We always advice our passengers to be aware of the applicable rules for entry to the destination countries. It is always the responsibility of the passenger to have all valid travel documents such as passports, visas and other travel documents in order.

Due to the security situation throughout Europe, all European countries have increased their requirement for identifications.

When traveling
within the Schengen area a passport or the national ID-card is valid documentation. Please notice, that not all countries have valid ID-cards. Only the new type of ID-card – with chip on the front - is valid.

When traveling outside the Schengen area only passports are considered valid documentation.
This same rule applies when a non-Schengen citizen is traveling in Schengen area.

Some countries require that the passport is valid 6 months after the return date (e.g.: if you are away for 2 weeks the passport must be valid 6 months and 2 weeks when you start your travel). You can obtain this information at the embassy of the country in question.

Temporary passports

Rules for which countries accept Nordic temporary or emergency passports can change in a very short notice. Therefore, if you are traveling outside EU with a temporary or emergency passport you should contact the embassy of the country in question.

Visa regulations vary depending on the citizenship of the passenger:

  • Danish citizens: Udenrigsministeriet (Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs) website: www.um.dk.
  • Finnish citizens: Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Norwegian citizens: Utenriksdepartementets (Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs) www.landsider.no/,
  • Swedish citizens: Utrikesdepartementets (Swedish Ministry of Foreign Ministry Affairs) website www.regeringen.se
  • Citizens from other countries need to contact their embassy at the destination in question.
Travelers with passport from Non-Nordic countries
  • Passengers with a Non-Nordic passport traveling from a Nordic airport must have all valid travel documentation (incl. recidence permits, passport, visas etc.) with them.
  • Citizens from Turkey and Azerbaijan, who are also residents of EU countries are not accepted without a visa to Cyprus.
  • When traveling to Egypt or Turkey, visa is always required.
Travel within the Schengen Area
  • While traveling in the Schengen Area, you should have a passport or valid national ID-card (with chip) with you. Please note that driving license is not a valid national ID-card.
  • However, Jet Time strongly recommends that all travelers take their passport with them as a valid form of personal documentation – even when traveling to countries within the Schengen Area. Many of these countries do not accept other forms of identification.
  • A list of countries covered by the Schengen Agreement is available here at the official website of the European Union.