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Jettime a/s currently has no flights, and it is therefore not possible to reserve seats on board the aircraft or purchase additional services for the flight video van facebooken op pc.

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> Service on board


Jettime focuses on serving good food made from high quality ingredients dxf for free.

On flights from Billund and Aalborg we serve a cold meal, adjusted to the time of day. On flights to/from other Scandinavian airports, we serve normally a hot meal (unless flight time is under four hours - then we serve a cold meal) tor browser sicheren.

Jettime is the only flight company in the world serving a high quality red wine from Italy – Musio - which has been specially developed for us to be enjoyed on board a plane where the sense of flavors changes bibel tv app herunterladen.

Meals on the flight must be booked and paid for in advance via the travel agency, or be included in your ticket on other terms. Please note that the price of the meal does not included beverages (except coffee or tea) mp4 movies. We sell different beverages on board.

Own food and drink to a Jettime flight
Please note that under normal circumstances you are not allowed to bring your own food on board a Jettime flight zoom herunterladen gratis. If you wish to bring your own food due to allergies, please contact Jettime's Passenger Service. Please also note that passengers are not allowed to bring their own drinks on board to a Jettime flight.

> See the Bar & Shop catalogue for flights from Denmark and Sweden here and for flight from Finland here.



Allergies and special meals
If for medical or other reasons you wish to have a special meal on board, please contact your travel agency for more information and for ordering your meal. Jet Time cannot guarantee that there are no traces of nuts in our meals served on our flights.

Jet Time can offer the following alternatives to our regular menu:

  • Vegetarian (lacto-ovo)
  • Vegetarian (non dairy)
  • Gluten free
  • Diabetic
  • Lactose free
  • No Pork

Jet Time does not offer special meals for children. However, it is possible to order a adult special menu for a child.