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> Need for extra oxygen on board

Oxygen pressure in the lungs is reduced significantly during a flight, and this means some passengers experience a need for extra oxygen en route.

This applies especially to travellers with lung, heart and/or breathing problems. Jet Time does have extra oxygen cylinders on board, but these are intended for in-flight emergencies.

Passengers suffering from a disease that means they are likely to require extra oxygen during the flight must therefore bring oxygen for both the outward and return journey. Please note that you must carry enough oxygen to last the whole flight, and an additional 50 per cent.

By prior arrangement with Jet Time, you can bring your own oxygen cylinder. Alternatively, you can obtain an oxygen cylinder via the Time Passenger Service, preferably 14 days prior to departure. Price is 2000 DKK/SEK/NOK or 275 EUR per ordered cylinder.

In both cases, a completed Medical Information Formula MEDIF form is a requirement.


Oxygen concentrator
Jet Time recommends that you carry an oxygen concentrator rather than oxygen cylinders. Please contact your general practitioner/doctor or hospital directly for more information and booking for travel.

Benefits of an oxygen concentrator:

  • Does not take up more space than a camera bag and is easy to carry in the cabin
  • Weighs approx. 5 kg
  • Can provide oxygen for up to 8 hours
  • Uses rechargeable batteries. Note that Jet Time requires a charge equal to the total flight time + 50 per cent. If one battery is not enought, please bring a spare.

Please note it is not possible to charge batteries on a Jet Time flight.


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