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> Strollers and prams

You can bring one stroller or pram per child free of charge herunterladen.

If you want to bring a stroller in to the cabin, it must have these dimensions Max 56x46x26cm max 7 kg. Remember that the stroller you bring up will replaces another piece of hand luggage ps3 app herunterladen.

If your stroller is not to be included in the cabin, it must be checked in with your luggage, as it is not possible to drop off a stroller out by the gate Buy and films online.

Max. dimensioner:
Klap- og barnevogneL 105 cm x B 65 cm x H 50 cm
TvillingeklapvogneL 110 cm x B 82 cm x H 60 cm

Protect the baggage

We recommend that you rent a special bag to protect checked-in pushchairs and prams, as these can otherwise get damaged during the flight. Jettime does not replace damaged special baggage that has not been packed in a protective bag from Airshells.

> Order your protective bag from Airshells homepage here… Airshells