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> Traveling with Infants

Baby boy looking fascinated out of airplane window

Children under two years of age will sit on a parents lap during the flight.

If you are traveling with a baby under two years old, s/he will not get a own seat but sit on a parents lap. To guarentee that the baby sits secure, will cabin crew deliver a special security belt which will be connected to parent’s security belt during take off and landing. Please note there are restrictions for where babies are allowed to sit. These are noted in the booking system.

If you want to have a seat for the baby, you need to order it from the tour operator you are traveling with. Jet Time cannot offer a carry cot for children under two years old.

Children under two years old can carry up to 5 kg hand baggage. You can always buy extra weight for checked-in baggage.

We offer children up to two years of age a jar of baby food, some fruit and some bread. Jet Time's cabin crew is also happy to heat a feeding bottle, if required.

There is a changing cushion on all of Jet Time's aircraft. Please ask the crew on board.